We handle the sales of web printing, both heatset and coldset printing for Weiss-Druck. With regard to heatset printing, we have an impressive number of long-grain (16-80 pages) and short-grain presses (32 pages) at our disposal, as well as a few sheet-fed presses for covers and inserts. In coldset, we use the trendy Berliner format (315 x 470mm). Needless to say, we have an extensive bindery at our disposal, enabling us to cut, fold, glue and stitch inline.

Magazines, brochures, leaflets and newspapers. Everything is produced at the highest quality in an unbelievably short time with infamous German precision. A Dutch- and English speaking production team will accompany your projects, ensuring that they proceed smoothly and according to schedule.

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Of course, Weiss-Druck is FSC certified, but the company does much more to contribute to the wellbeing of the environment. 

Block Cogeneration (BWKC)
Weiss-Druck covers a large part of its power needs from own sources: in 2014 they commissioned a block heat and power plant. They produce so much energy that 9.400 private households can be provided with energy.

Energy efficiency
The energy policy of Weiss-Druck is aimed at improving energy performance, energy efficiency and energy consumption. The energy processes comply with the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO standard and lead to improvements in the systematic energy management. TÜV Rheinland has performed a certification audit in 2014 and the ISO 50 001 certificate issued to Weiss-Druck.

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In our portfolio you can see some assignments. We also welcome you in Breda, where you can see many more in our showroom.