This Chinese printing group was established in Hong Kong in 1950. Its headquarters - where sales and production managements direct the production of the various printing houses in China - are still there. 

Hung Hing’s core values include reliability, efficiency, quality and caring for people and the environment. Because these values are constantly respected and the official agencies offer continous feedback, Hung Hing are proud to include some of Europe’s most prominent publishers as its clients.

Safety and quality
The spectrum of items suitable for production at Hung Hing is virtually without limits. All types of cardboard production, as well as traditionally bound books, can be manufactured here while still upholding safety and environmental standards. There is a 12 to 14 week production period. A third of this long production period is due to transport, while the rest is the result of the perfect harmony between every step of the production process.

Hung Hing are FSC certified and work with paper and cardboard that is FSC certified. In addition, every printer has its own ISO certification which guarantees safety, care for people and the environment and quality.

Would you like to have a look at Hing Hung?

You can familiarise yourself with Hung Hing, please check the company presentation. To view some products see our portfolio on this website, although there is much more to see and feel in our showroom in Breda.