Welcome to IPP Printers - the sales organisation that represents printing houses, each of which has its own field of expertise – web, sheet-fed, and special printing. On this website, you’ll get to know more about our business and our partners.

Variety & opportunities
If you take the time to get to know the possibilities of our printers you will notice one thing: they are complementary to each other. This is always our starting point and the condition before IPP Printers, as agent, will accept a printing company. For example, a printer must be able to achieve something else than existing printers in our portfolio. You can, after all, don't please two masters. We represent the printing company Weiss-Druck and the Chinese producer for carton and special printing Hung Hing.

Special colleagues
We help our printing companies to better understand the market in the Benelux and help our customers to communicate easy with them. So there is no language or cultural barrier.

We speak about our printing companies because over the years we have built up such a strong bond, that the staff at Weiss-Druck and Hung hung are like colleagues. This also applies vice versa for them and that makes you in direct contact with these special companies. The great machinery of these two printing groups together gives a large palette of possibilities.

laatste project


Who wants treats? Trekpleister proudly celebrates its 35 anniversary and gives the go-ahead for a celebratory Jubilee year with the Trekpleister Special.


We regularly publish news items and publicise unique production events and investments, so that you can keep up-to-date with the developments at our printing plants:

'Weiss-Druck invests in a 2nd 96 page Lithoman and renewal of its newspapers press'.

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